2019 Suzuki Katana MCN Review

The Suzuki Katana was always a cool bike, and now there’s a modern interpretation of it.

The new Suzuki Katana sounds really freaking good.

When I first heard there was going to be a new Suzuki Katana, I was pretty pumped. I thought the old bike was really cool, and it’s a great model for Suzuki to bring back.

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Muff Customs Honda XR600 Scrambler

The Honda XR600 seems to be a fantastic motorcycle to make into a scrambler.

Luke’s ride is exactly the kind of Honda scrambler I love.

If you want a multipurpose bike with plenty of style, you should get a scrambler. That’s what Luke’s Honda XR600 is, and it’s awesome.

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2019 Yamaha Niken GT MC Commute Review

If a transformer and a motorcycle got together, this would be the result.

The Niken GT is weird.

Adam Waheed of Motorcyclist Magazine takes Yamaha’s leaning trike on a ride for an MC Commute Review.

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4 Best Half Helmets Under $100

These are the best motorcycle half helmets for a seriously low price.

Cover your head with one of these half helmets every time you ride.

With helmets under $100 you can’t expect the best features and safety in the business. Especially with half helmets. Half helmets aren’t the safest option out there, but if you just want something that’s DOT rated, comfy and looks good, then a half helmet may be the way to go.

Here are four of the best half helmets out there under $100. If you’re on a budget and want some protection for your noggin, these are some pretty good choices.

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5 Best Motorcycle Jeans Under $250

Motorcycle jeans are a stylish and comfortable way to help stay safe while riding.

These motorcycle jeans blend style, protection and comfort extremely well.

I love motorcycle jeans. Personally, I don’t care for leather pants or chaps when riding, I find them to be a little too hot and I’m just not a cool enough guy to pull them off.

Also, most other motorcycle pants just look a little silly. With all of the great choices out there when it comes to motorcycle jeans, there’s not a reason to not pick some up. Quality pairs offer good protection, high levels of comfort, and stylish looks and fit.

Here are five pairs of motorcycle jeans with excellent reviews and features that come in under $250.

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Smoked Garage Custom Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Royal Enfield Himalyan already looked good, but now it looks even more interesting.

Transforming an already cool Royal Enfield into something amazing.

I’ve profiled Smoked Garage’s work before. The team there builds some of the most amazing custom motorcycles out there, but this Royal Enfield Himalayan build is next level.

The bike has been featured at several different websites. Pipeburn also posted a video on YouTube about the build. It’s shown above.

I highly recommend you check it out and then head over to Smoked Garage’s website to see more of their work.

Purpose Built Moto Yamaha XT250 MX Scrambler

I’ve never seen an XT250 I wanted to ride more.

There are a lot of good custom scramblers out there. This is one from Purpose Built Moto is of them.

Last week, I shared a build from Purpose Built Moto, and the guys do such a good job with their stuff, I thought I’d share another one.

This one is a killer XT250 MX Scrambler. I like the XT250’s looks, to begin with, but this build looks absolutely fantastic.

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Watch the Guys at FortNine Build an Entire Kawasaki KLR650

The Kawasaki KLR650 will live again.

A tough motorcycle makes a comeback.

I usually try not to miss a FortNine video. The videos are always entertaining and informative.

If you’re curious about how all parts and components of a Kawasaki KLR650 goes together, this video is all for you.

3 Best Leather Motorcycle Vests Under $85

Looking for a good leather motorcycle vest? Here are three of the best out there.

In just about every situation, I’d prefer a full motorcycle jacket over any leather motorcycle vest, but I’ve met a lot of guys that like them, so it’s worth pointing out some of the best on sale.

Here are some of the best motorcycle vests out there for under $85. They provide plenty of features at an affordable price.

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3 Best Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves Under $25

Looking for some good fingerless motorcycle gloves? Here are three pairs you shouldn’t overlook.

Personally, I prefer my motorcycle gloves to have protection for my all my fingers, but some guys and girls like fingerless gloves.

I can’t really blame them. I get it. They look very cool and offer plenty of air flow.

If you want some gloves but can’t stand having your whole hand covered, then I suggest you pick up one of the following pairs of fingerless gloves for under $25.

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